Traditional, Mink, and Sepia Ragdolls

Traditional, Mink, and Sepia RagdollsTraditional, Mink, and Sepia Ragdolls

About US

About Us


Hello, I'm a Full-Time stay at home cat mommy. I own a small in-home cattery, breeding Traditional, Mink & Sepia mitted Ragdolls. 

TICA Registered. 

All of my kittens are born and raised underfoot in our family home and well socialized. 

They have the run of the house, never caged or overcrowding.  You will find no cages in this house. I love all my cats and kittens, and you will too.

Ragdolls are my life. Each cat gets my full attention and love. My cats and kittens are spoiled, tons and tons of love, kisses, belly rubs, toys, and the best high quality food available. I do not breed on a budget, only the best for my babies. Please note, I do NOT feed my cats a strict diet of hard food. They are fed high-quality soft food 3-4 times a day, with access to hard food anytime. I want only the best possible start for the kittens that I raise. This means, your cat will prefer soft food over hard food. Wet food all the way!

My goal is to raise beautiful, healthy, loving, charming Ragdolls for your entire family to love. I currently only have 1 to 2 litter a year, this current year 2020 is going to be an exception to the rule. ​

I am TICA (The International Cat Association, INC) Registered, all Cats & kittens are TICA registered. Registered under TooAdorable. 

All parents have been DNA tested negative for Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) through UC Davis Medical Labs. All cats are FelV and FIV negative. ​ All Cats will leave around 11-12 weeks of age. ​ 



Contact Information

 Please feel free to text or call me @ 410-660-0710 

Or Message me on Facebook 

Thanks, Michelle